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Padico La Doll Premier

Padico La Doll Premier

Light stone clay superior in strength and sculpture. The whitest in the series. The whitest in La Doll series, realized weight saving remaining sculpture of La Doll. The strength after drying is outstanding. Superior in sharpening and polishing, and fitting with other clay. As well as coloring, it can express colorfully by kneading color.

[product features]
The whitest clay in stone cray, colors come out by kneading colors. Suitable for whiteness, strength and lightness.
Possible to mix stone powder clay ( Liquid clay such as Easy slip or cross clay). Do not use it mixing with plastic clay/poval glue.
Available for watercolors, acrylic color, oil color, pastel color. Also available for Doll Facy/waterborne clear other oil based or water based color and finishing agent.
Follow the instruction of each local government to dispose of work as non burnable.

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